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Feb 25, 2004
Everyone who has email hosted at and may now rejoice again. After having moved our server back to the 1GHz machine, Spam Assassin has now been reinstalled. One can only bear so much evil emails before one can act. Hopefully this will cut the overwhelming tide to a couple a week. Rejoice and sing praises! Rejoice!\r\r
Feb 20, 2004
Backups made of the entire server. There was a person grouching over losing his entire hard drive due to a crash today. All that work, all those files gone. I figured this would be a prudent time to make a backup of our /home partition. :)
Feb 19, 2004
After a brief period of using the netwinder as our main server, we are back on a 1GHz box with 256meg of RAM. While the netwinder is a nice machine for some things, it's not up to the amount of use it would get here.