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Nov 23, 2004
Spending a bit more time getting used to FlashMX 2004. There's a number of changes with what they did to Actionscript 2.0, but over all, I really like the changes. The OO model is alot more solid now. I took my old news admin page and rewrote it as a flash app. In fact, I posted this news item with it. Pics soon to follow.
Nov 9, 2004
Welll, in an effort to get over what happened south of the border and not be concerned about nuclear warfare, I've gotten back into the LEDs again.. Working on another flashlight.. 12 white LEDs with one awesome brightness. I really gotta get pics up here so you guys can see what these look like. It's so awesome I must share. Pics soon to follow.
Oct 13, 2004
Finished a new design that I came up with for the page. The old one was around for a while, and I figured it was about time for something new. I like how it all turned out, and though there's a couple wrinkles here and there I wanna smooth out, by and large, I'm gonna move on to other projects again.
Oct 11, 2004
Finally broke down and took a bunch of pictures of the two good flashlights I've made. Already have plans for the third when I spotted a piece of 3/4' aluminum pipe last night. Ideas sprouted. But that will happen a little later. For now, we can feast on pics!\r\r
Oct 4, 2004
It's the return of the flashlights. Will the illumination never end? I got inspired and just made a completely flashlight in a little under 2 days. Man.. it rocks. 7 LEDs, 2 AAA batterys and a 84000mcd of eye piercing brightness! Pics soon to follow.\r\r