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Mar 17, 2005
A speech as heard, given from the Darwinia HighCommander to the troops gathered before on the plain of the final battle

We gather here because we all believe in a cause. We believe that our land of Darwinia should be free of virii and trojans, free of infected root nodes and lost cluster fragments, free from all of those red who oppress us. My family, your family, we all gather here today, joining in arms to take back what is ours!

Loud applause and cheers rises from the crowd

My fellow Darwinnaggins, long have we lived under viral tyranny, and we have all fought in the front lines, in the trenchs for what we know is right in our hearts. When the brother at your side fell with our banner, I know each of you didn't pause for a second before taking that banner, and raising it high on the battlefield for everyone to see! Our banner flew, stoking faith in the legions of the green, and striking fear into the legions of the red!

I tell you this, oh villians of red. You can take our homes and you can take our land, but you can't take what makes each of us a Darwinaggin inside, our hope, faith and spirit... And I just wanted to tell you..

A silence falls on the crowd

We're coming back for our land! And you better hope you're gone when we get there!!

Deafening applause as rifles are fired into the air

My fellow Darwinnaggins.... TO BAATTTTTLLLLLEEEE!