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Mar 17, 2005
Duck in a river,
Frog in the pond,
Make them secret agents,
They be like James Bond.

Ninja duck fighter,
Frog SIS,
Often quite surly,
And lethal at best.

Camel of terror,
Beaver of fright,
The evil assassins,
That strike in the night.

Beaver and camel,
They do evil deeds,
They smoke evil cigars,
And ride evil steeds.

Duck and frog heros,
They fight evil foes,
They fight in the rains,
They fight in the snows.

They fight against terror,
They fight against lies,
They're questing for freedom,
And baked pecan pies.

The battle of champions,
Where both sides collide,
The winner eternal,
This fight would decide.

The battle was chaos,
Til silence descend,
In stunning conclusion,
They all died, the end.