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Mar 7, 2005
When coding time doth find me, a seated on my chair.
I search for inspiration, a floating in the air.

The source ever eludes me, hiding the path it took.
So my search for motivation, must cover every nook.

Sometimes the code flies from me, such lines I cannot count.
Today such difficulty, the cause I can't account.

The music is not soothing, the coffee does not move.
I shift my chair position, yet still can't find my groove.

And then it dawns upon me, the cause of all my woe.
I'm coding for the paycheck, not 'cause I love it so.

This goal just doesn't stir me, stock management is dull.
My own ideas amuse me, I still can feel their pull.

But rent demands a paycheck, so back to work I slave.
I make my brain some promises, in hopes it will behave.

Plod through this drudge together, ol' brain it's you and I.
The end of task is nearing, we'll kiss this crap goodbye!