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Feb 23, 2005
Two neighbours were mowing their lawns and had just finished up, ended up meeting at the fence for a talk.

Biran: Man.. sure is hot today! I think I'm gonna fix myself a nice cool glass of ice tea.
Zush: You know.. you shouldn't have beer, it's pretty bad for your health.
Biran: err.. yeah.. I'm sure it is.
Zush: It's a known cause of heart strokes and it goes against my religion too. Nope, no beer.
Biran: Well, lucky for us I'm having an ice tea.
Zush: Well, that's good, because I don't think you should have a beer.
Biran: I really don't see how it's any concern of yours what I drink.
Zush: Hey! You will respect my authority! I said no beer, dammit.
Biran: For fuck's sake, I'm not having a beer! I'm having ice tea. Piss off, will yah?
Zush: Hey! Don't make me hit you in the face. I know you're gonna have a beer and you can't fool me! I'm onto you.
Biran: I don't even LIKE beer. I want ice tea! It tastes good and it's nice and refreshing.
Zush: Hey.. I tried to talk you out of it. I will hit you if I have to. I forbid you to have beer!
Biran: For the love of god will you go away??
Zush: I forbid it! No beer! You shall not have beer! Your evil beer drinking ways will come to an end I swear!
Biran: Oh hell.. why did I have to move into this neighbourhood? I should never have listened to Martha.
Zush: And I'm gonna talk to your neighbours too! and let them all know you're drinking beer! We'll all come to your house and have a chat.
Biran: You just go ahead and do that! I have locks. And boobytraps! You'll never make it past the front gate!
Zush: AHA! So you ARE drinking beer in there! I knew it! You wouldn't lock the door if you weren't.
Biran: That's it! Screw you all. I'm into my house where there's less idiots.
Zush: <dancing up and down> He's got beer! Stop him! He's got beer!!
Tags: politics