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Feb 21, 2005
Posted, as promised.

Strogg's Chocoffee Bars

  • 1 350g chocolate easter bunny
  • 1 180g white chocolate easter bunny
  • 1/2cup coffee beans
  1. Break up the chocolate bunny into chunks and place into a small dipper.
  2. Break up the white chocolate bunny into chunks and place ontop of the chocolate, into the dipper.
  3. Turn the burner onto a low heat(just barely above Simmer/Min).
  4. Stir chocolate occassionally as it melts. Don't leave it to melt and go play computer. It'll burn.
  5. While the chocolate is melting, place your coffee beans into your coffee grinder. You have one because you love coffee, and every coffee lover has one. If you don't, go get one and you'll love coffee again.
  6. Grind the beans <dramatic voice>into a powder</dv>! We're not talking fine grind here. We want powder. Something you could snort a line of if you were insane enough.
  7. Once the chocolate is fully melted, while stirring, gradually add the powdered coffee into the pot.
  8. Stir.
  9. Spread a sheet of wax paper onto a cookie sheet and pour the chocolate onto the sheet. Spread it around so it's nice and flat and then place it into the freezer.
  10. Let cool for roughly 15 minutes or as long as you can manage to wait.
  11. Break the chocoffee into pieces and store in a little container in the coffee until you want a piece. Which is right now. And now. And maybe another piece right now.
Presto! You have a weekends worth of chocoffee to enjoy and share with people you must really like to be sharing your chocoffee with them.
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