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Feb 14, 2005
Groggily I wake up in the morning, and sit up, noticing that my entire head feels like a giant jello brick. I have a mild headache, breathing is just not happening and I generally feel like crap. Luckily for me, my good friend neobitch woke up earlier than I and made a pot of coffee. I gather strength, and trudge to the pot, pour me a nice big mug and then on impulse, I dig my Fishermen's Friends: Extra Strength out of my backpack and pop in two. I stir slowly, watching them dissolve down at the bottom of the mug.. slowly, they shrink and fall into stealth mode. I add sugar and stir, mixing that into the concoction as well. I was nearly about to put in honey, but I didn't want to waste good honey, just in case this didn't turn out.

I take a sip.

POW! Les vapeurs, ils sont incroyables!

All of a sudden, I can feel my head starting to clear. My nose, once again becoming a land of freedom, air passing as it likes. My headache, dissolving like a fogbank as a hot summer sun pops up and beams down at it. My stomach, doing a double take and saying 'What the F was that??'. It doesn't taste bad, but it is certainly distinct. Stomach can cope. Stomach, we are sacrificing you for the good of the rest of the body! We shall make a martyr out of you. Ahhh poor stomach, he died well. He went to Valgutta a true man.