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Jan 31, 2005
The world has decided to be stupid and boring today, so I'm going to write you a poem.

The Great Coffee Spill of 2005

As I do wake to rise,
And wipe dust flakes from my eyes,
It comes as no surprise,
I'm still quite sleepy.

I stumble to the kitchen,
Emitting groans and bitchin',
It's time I do be fixin',
My morning coffee.

I get the pot abrewing,
Amid much haw and hewing,
The coffee drops are queueing,
From lid to pot.

Return to bedroom lair,
Plop down in favourite chair,
And say a little prayer,
For coffee times forgot.

Coffee smells are drifting,
Spirits slowly lifting,
It's time I do be shifting,
It's time to pour.

I enter in the room,
My heart is filled with gloom,
I run for mop and broom,
Coffee's on the floor.

The hole in lid was plugged,
I'm feeling rather drugged,
And needing to be hugged,
And a caffeine solution.

Return to room in sorrow,
I'll try again tomorrow,
I'll smoke some clove and yarrow,
In caffeine destitution.