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Mar 14, 2010
So, I recently bought a new computer, and this one is a dual core and supports all kinds of dynamic speed adjusting goodness, which apparently my last CPU did not. While this is all great, there is a bit of a downside.

Down in the status bar of the window manager I use (wmiirc-lua), there is a little box indicating the current scaled CPU speed that each core is running at. As a result of the new dynamicness, the contents of that box are changing all the time. I was going to remove it entirely, but instead decided to write a graphical version of the same. The result of this effort is a wmii plugin called CPU Graph. Upon configuring wmii to load this, it'll create a 10 character scrolling ASCII bar indicating the current CPU speed.

I've got it up at github for the moment, until bartman gets a chance to merge it into the tree.

Download. Install. Enjoy the ASCII goodness.
Tags: linux, wmii