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May 10, 2009
When I was studying for my Basic Amateur Radio Licence, there were a couple programs which would generate sample test programs for you. I had gotten to like the one that was produced by RAC called ExHaminer.

I'm now studying for my Advanced Licence, and I was dissappointed to find that they didn't have an Advanced question bank available, and for a while, I tried using the tool from Industry Canada, but 1) I didn't like the interface nearly so much, 2) they didn't have features to let me go back and review the answers I got wrong and see what the right answer was, and 3) I higly suspected that they were hiding questions on me.

So, I decided to use my text-processing-fu and convert the RIC-8 PDF into the question bank format that ExHaminer expects. I have uploaded the Advanced Question Bank to my site, but will be talking to someone from RAC and seeing if they can upload this to their site too. To use this file, just download the file and save it in the directory where your ExHaminer.exe program is located. The next time you start the ExHaminer program, "Advanced" will be available from the question banks to choose from.
Tags: radio