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Feb 8, 2009
So, I've been using gEDA for some time now, and I've developped a workflow which I find works well for me (blog post to follow later, once I refine it a bit more). However, to aid in my workflow, I've developped a couple scripts which I find quite helpful.

The first is a tool called symbolwiz, which I use to speed up initial symbol creation. I end up generating a lot of symbols due to using unpopular part, and this utility gets rid of half of the typing involved. I find it notoriously handy.

The second is a tool called unusedsymbols, which will take a list of symbols and search each of the schematics and print out a list of symbols that are not being used. I do a lot of my design during the schematic phase, so I end up swapping out parts, which leaves the old part still in my symbol directory, and in my git repo. This tools makes it easy to track down which are unused.

Tarball is available at
Git repo is available at
Tags: linux, geda