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Dec 30, 2008
So.. a while back, I accidentally cleaned off a card that I wasn't quite finished with, so I did some searching around for file recovering tools for FAT32 and was surprised how poor the selection was. Most of the tools seemed to only be concerned with JPG files, which didn't help me, since I tend to shoot in raw.

So.. I made an image of the card using dd, and stored it away, until yesterday, when a friend introduced me to a free and Free tool called photorec. Amazing stuff... this tool is gooood. It supports dozens of file formats including the Nikon NEF format that I was searching for. I ran it, and it recovered files from the card that were THREE years old! And it got the files that I wanted, which is also good.

And you can even get it easy with Debian if you install the testdisk package!
Tags: linux, photography, debian