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Dec 3, 2007
Ok, so it's not quite the beginning. I've been using git for a while now, but mostly on a solo basis. As a result, I've been fine tuning my usage of the tool, so I thought I'd jot down a couple of the bits here. Mostly incase I forget and need to remember later, but hey, if you learn something reading this, all the better.

Branching on a past revision
You can add a shasum to your branch command in order to specify what point in history you want to branch from. This is can handy.

Sending Patchs
Apparently mailers suck... even the good ones. Who knew? I didn't, until one of the better ones mangled my email. Turns out the preferred way to send patchs to other people is by git-send-email. Just run
git-format-patch <the shasum of the commit you're diffing from>
git-send-email --to foo1.patch foo2.patch foo3.patch
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