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Jun 2, 2007
So.. adding another post in the "So I know how to do this later" category, burning DVDs in linux is pretty easy, if you know how. There's a huge multitude of ways to burn DVDs, so I just went with the console method, which also seems to be one of the easier methods as well. From the prompt:
growisofs -J -r -v /path/to/files/I/want/to/burn -Z /dev/dvd
You may have to load a couple modules to get this working, if they aren't autoloaded already, sg and scsi_mod to be specific. After that, pop in the DVDR and you're all set.

Update: growisofs will tell you if you're trying to put more on the disk than will fit, so go ahead and put as much as you can on it. If it is too much, you'll get an error and the disk will be untouched.
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