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May 19, 2007
So, quite some time back, I bought an AVR devkit, the STK500 in fact. Back in those days, I played around with a bunch, but never had much luck getting things to work. Most of my troubles laid in the fact that I was using AVR Studio, the software that comes with it, as my development environment. Unfortunately, it wasn't a very familiar environment, and combined with the lack of good documentation or learning material, I didn't get very far.

So, I set it aside for a couple months, and let my other hobbies keep me busy, until I eventually came back to it. I've discovered a new avr toolset to use, one that I'm much more familiar with, none other than gcc and friends.

If you're using debian, it's easy to get this all working. Just
apt-get install avr-libc gcc-avr gdb-avr binutils-avr simulavr avrdude make
and that will get you setup with everything you need.

While I was at it, I decided it would be a good time to learn how to write Makefiles. I took a couple shots at it, got some advice from Bart and came up with this Makefile as my current working version. If you got any suggestions to make it any easier to use, by all means toss me a message.
Tags: avr, howto, linux, museum, ottawa, war