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Dec 28, 2006
Once again I celebrated another holiday by driving vast distances across the great uncharted lands known as Northern Ontario, and it was during this drive that I really gained an appreciation for the determination for those people that decide to run across the country.

Not being from around these parts, there may be the temptation for you to think that it's really not all that big a feat, but let me tell you... things are a little different up here.

You see, in other countries, distances are measured kilometers, or perhaps even miles. But in Canada, distances are measured in hours. Anything less than an hour away is a leisurely drive. Anything more than four hours is a marathon of epic proportions. Anything more than eight is absurd. These were the thoughts going through my head, as myself and my co-pilot undertook our nine hour drive in returning to home.

I think it was around the 6.5hr mark where I started to ponder these things, thinking to myself.. only two and a half more hours to go.. only 2h15m to go... only... man.. I'm cruising along here at a comfy 102km/h(it was a little blizzardy out) and it's still taking me forever to get anywhere. I wonder what it would be like to be running this trip and cruising along at a less-than-comfy 10km/h. Hey look! There's some more rocks. Oooh and another tree.. tree tree rock tree rock water tree.. more water. It was a test of patience to drive that trip. Running it would be... hrmm... interesting.

Begin wild estimates! If I could maintain a speed of 10km/h for 6h per day, that gives me about 60km of distance accomplished per day. At a total distance of 750km (from my house to my parents' house), that means it would take about 12.5 days for me to run home. Interesting.

Next time I do this, I think I'm going to take my time on the trip and go with the intent of taking photos. There's so many great sites to see, but it's difficult to appreciate them under the wrong circumstances. Driving 9 hours straight in the middle of the night while thinking about finally being able to sleep when you get there, are quite probably the wrong circumstances.
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