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Nov 28, 2006
So.. I'm down in Texas again and it's been fun. But I must say, it's amazingly difficult to get a good cup of coffee down here. It seems that the only place you can get a decent cup of coffee is at the households of family. If you're actually looking to buy a good cup of coffee, you should just go back home.

I went to the International House of Pancakes yesterday. I was somewhat reserved about the idea of eating there, mostly due to the number of comedians that base their career on making fun of it, but I figured, why not, I'll give it a shot. Turns out, they actually do give you a hoddle of coffee. The reason they give you a hoddle of coffee, is because once you distill that hoddleworth down to normal strength, you might have a full cup. Maybe. Their coffee is weak! And because they bring you a whole jug of it, you feel somewhat compelled to atleast finish a cup.

While passing through Chicago on my flight, I decided to try the Starbucks again. I figured, maybe that one time I tried them, it was just a fluke. Maybe it was because that shop was too remote, on a bottom floor.. the pot had been sitting all day. It couldn't always be that bad. *Surprise!* Little did I know, it is always that bad. I bought a small and dumped in some milk and two sugars... hrmm bitter... bit more milk, another sugar.. hrmm bitter.. little more milk, three more sugars. hrmmm... bitter.

I will continue my quest for a good purchasable coffee, but for now, my advice to you is to rely on the generousity of the family you are staying with. It seems they have the best coffee in the entire country.
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