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Sep 26, 2006
'Cosmetics and toiletries also may be carried in hand luggage if they are packaged in a clear, sealed plastic bag. One resealable plastic bag per passenger will be permitted.'

Because you know.. it's conceivable that I could kill you with TWO plastic bags, but really not likely to kill you with just one. One is FAR safer. Maybe I could take two plastic bags and make numchucks out of them. I'd have... plastic bag chucks. Those things are so dangerous you don't even hear about 'em.

Imagine if someone brought FIVE plastic bags on board... jesus... that'd be scary.. Can you imagine the panic? 'OMG, he's got FIVE plastic bags! Holy shit run for it!'

What happens if two people each bring one plastic bag on board and they team up, thus having two plastic bags. Does the plane suddenly implode out of sheer idiocy?

Why do they have to be resealable plastic bags? Do I have to buy Ziplock(tm) brand bags or will normal Noname bags do?

Seriously now... when is someone going to stand up and say 'Holy shit. We're so stupid.'
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