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Sep 4, 2006
Ok, I have to admit I'm WAY late on jumping on the bandwagon on this one, but I finally got around to buying myself a WRT54G. I admit being a little late to the scene, due to money shortages, other projects and various other reasons, but now that I'm here, wow is it pretty cool.

I just purchased a WRT54GL last week and just today I got to the good part, downloading a copy of openwrt and upgrading the firmware. I went through the install docs, which were really very good and did a base install. I went through the setup docs, which were pretty good but not awesome (but then I figure they expect people do to a full install and go through the web interface again). All that said and done, I now have the box up and running and am using it as my gateway now.

Here's the cool part. I have replaced FOUR devices with this one: a 4 port KVM, a wireless AP, an 8 port switch and a P133 tower case linux box. How can that not be cool?

Next step is to replace my server with a smaller machine, and then I can stack my cable modem, my WRT and my server into a nice little stack. It'll so rock. hehe

Stay tuned.
Tags: fairuse, linux, networking, wrt, dragon, art