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Aug 31, 2006
So, I finally took the plunge and I installed Rockbox on my Ipod Video yesterday. Wow. I'm so loving it. One of the things I hated the most about the ipod was that you were locked into that lousy itunes interface.

Locked in no longer! You plug it in like a USB drive and then copy over the files you want on it. Make them photos, music files, what ever you like. When you're ready, unplug, select the music you wanna play, the photos you want to see.. and BLAMMO! You're ready to rock.

The install was actually much easier than I thought. The hardest part of it all was figuring out what version of ipod I had. labels it as a Ipod Color, but it's actually a Ipod Video. Little did I know. One of the folk on was able to identify the model for me and I was homefree from there.

Oh.. did I mention you can customize the UI? Choose colors? Choose a font? Did I mention that blue on black looks really slick when you have a black ipod? hehe
Tags: fairuse, ipod, rockbox, blackandwhite, ottawa, rally