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Jul 31, 2006
Soooo... wedding day is over, and it all went extremely well. The bride and groom are very happy, though very tired. But then, most of us are very tired, after having stayed up until 4am in the morning, swimming, drinking, partying and generally having a great time. hehe

Was going into it with a gig of memory card place, but was starting to get cautious feelings... decided to go ahead and pick up another card. I stopped at Best Buy, picked up a 2gig 60X SD card and slapped that in. Very, very glad I did, because it let me be a little more trigger happy and shoot in bursts of 2 or 3 when the lighting conditions weren't so hot. Which seems to be more often than you think. Ahh well, c'est la vie. hehe

Though, during the day, it suddenly occured to me, that event photography, is alot like surfing. You've got his wave that you're riding, and you don't have any say in where it goes or when it starts or stops. There's no brakes and no steering wheel, all you can do is ride that wave until you get to the end and hope you don't wipe out. Some events are little itty bitty waves, but some events are like those giant waves out in Hawaii or California. Ride that wave and make sure you don't fall off.

Got to use the SB800 again, only this time, it's mine to keep! I was going to rent it, but my girl gets this idea and says 'Ok.. hear me out. Why don't I buy it for your birthday and then you can use it for the wedding and then keep it forever!'. Which I said was entirely unfair since I really wanted one. I eventually caved, which is good because it was hugely awesome for the night. Very glad I had it.
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