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Jan 3, 2006
Behold! At long last, the white ninja has made appearance in the grand city of Ottawa. Behold his majestic powers and fearsome fierceness! The enire population shall shake and tremble at the power of his mighty might.

I was walking to work this morning, when I encountered a person of middle eastern descent right near the Isreali embassy. I'm guessing that they were somewhat new to Canada, as they had a white woolen hatscarf combo wrapped around their head so that only a slit at their eyes was open. They were wearing big white woolen mittens as well. I could not help but think... Atlast! The White Ninja is here to save us!

Their eyes shifted from side to side.. eyeing every hiding place as if a bucket of evil black ninjas could jump out at any second and ensue in deadly combat. I could not even begin to imagine the assorted weaponry that was hidden under their parka.

Lo and beware! For the white ninja shall strike again and all ye shall be smitten with pain and agony!
Tags: nonsense, backlight, shadows