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Dec 4, 2005
It's wedding photo day. I'm nervous. I'm dressed. The gear is packed. Batteries are charged. Waiting for my ride. Fiddle.. fiddle.. fiddle. Post on LJ. Kills 1... 2 .. 3 minute. 4 minute. hrmmm not quite 4 minute. A little nervous this time. A bit more than last time. Going in with better gear, but less comfort with the new gear. A little bit more formal too. Hrmmm. Hope for best. Land on feet. Hit ground running. Run.. run far away to the land of Unipersonia.. where they don't have weddings and people live away happily taking pictures of rocks. Hrmm... Maybe. Hrmmm.. this post isn't helping. Infact, I think my nervousness is being amplified in the post and when I go back and read parts, I pick up that extra nervousness and increase nervousness. Nervousness+=1.

sub nervous {
   my $level = shift;

Tags: photography, building, nighttime, ottawa