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Oct 16, 2005
So.. I play a FPS game for the first time in 'Quite Some Time' (tm) and I find that my skills have degraded somewhat horribly. I'd forgotten all my controls, my brain and hand were fighting over whether mouse invert should be on or off. Everything was alllll screwy. To my huge dismay, I thought that my FPSing days were over. Luckily, I am clever. Sometimes even doubly so.

I thought to myself, 'Self! You need to get back down to your roots. You need to purify your soul and return to the ways in which you kicked ass so many times before.' So I went off and got me a copy of Quake, my original home and asskicking grounds. Luckily for me, idSoftware has released the source code to the public. What does this mean? 1) I can now get a copy of it for free and 2) the public has taken the game and made it better than it ever was. You can download what is now known as eQuake, which is the same old game with a bit more plot, maps, and can run in 1280x1024. It rocks my socks.

I fired up the game and was quite a bit gimpy for the first little while, but by the time I finished the first level, I was getting back my form. I played through and beat the Normal level game, started into the second, and I was back again in full swing.

Hurray for me! I am vindicated!

In both good and bad ways, the extra parts of the game are maps that I only remember as deathmatch maps, so it's interesting to be playing them in a single player game. I get to wander down the halls, look around and think to myself.. 'oooh, I gibbed someone here. Ooh and over here too. And here.. and here... Hrmm and I think here too. Oh yeah, and here's the spot I fell in the lava when I was drinking. Oh yeah, that was a good night.'

Awwwww yeah.. those be the memories!
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