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Sep 14, 2005
  1. Finished my photogallery in function (
    • Not quite finished in style, but I'm going to see if I can wrangle a bit of help from one of my webmaster friends and see if he can give me a couple tips on how to fix it up. Or maybe just owe him a php script and see if he can whip me something up. We shall see.

  2. Friend got married
    • My first experience as wedding photographer. Overall, it was a lot of fun, though I expect this was largely because he and she wanted a very relaxed easy going wedding.

  3. Girlfriend came up for a visit
    • Much enjoyment for both of us, lots of good stories to tell, watch out for those stairs and watch out for the nuts!

  4. Finished my flash gallery admin panel
    • I do love working in flash. I really wish MM wasn't such buttmunchs when it came to only supporting windows and Mac. Ah well. Soon I shall find time, and I'll be installing linux and hopefully I'll be able to run it under wine. This shall happen soon. Maybe about a week now.

  5. Getting ready for camping
    • Camping trip coming up! I'm excited already. I've got to try not to get too enthused about it, though it's gonna be hard. I had a crappy camera last time and I wasn't half the photographer I am now, and I still managed to come out with some pretty cool pics. Plus there's the added benefit of going out there and having fun and getting out into the wild. Relaxation is good.

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