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Aug 16, 2005
   Went out last night after a rough phone call, hopped on the bike and searched for some soul peace. I packed up the camera and the tripod and took off. Looked up in the sky and there was the most awesome moon ever. I think to self. Self? Yes? You must go catch that moon. Indeed!

   And so I ride! I chase the moon, because I know just how fickle the moon can be, there one moment, gone the next. I chased the moon all the way down Wellington, hopping onto the bike path and then off again, searching for a good place to shoot from. Finally, I find myself at Linkcoln Fields, in that little park beside the bus station (which some of you may know is NOWHERE near where I live). I setup my tripod and camera and take a couple pictures. I pack up camp again and hop back onto my bike and notice that my bike light is dead. No more batteries for me. Hrmmm... taking the path back is doable, though it'll be slow going and I didn't feel slow going, so I hopped onto the bus and rode back to LeBreton Flats. Make a quick journey to the top of the War Museum and setup camp there. Up comes the tripod and camera again and I'm taking moon shots again, then star shots and ginormous spider shots. Weird place, the top of the war museum is.

   But all in all, I found some peace. Short-lived peace, but peace none-the-same.

   For those interested, the moon is here and here.
Tags: musings, photography, camping, frontenac, sunset