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Aug 10, 2005
It was dark, quiet, the only sound was the wind was it rushed past.. I was riding hard, having hit my cruising speed almost a half hour ago, I was in my comfortable 30km/h mode and making great time. But that luck just couldn't last. It was dark, but not dark enough that I could see the path ahead of me.. 100feet ahead of me, I could see it, and then time stopped for a moment and it all came into view. Me, doing 30km/h down the bike path. Truck, doing 70km/h down the road heading in my direction. In between us? Skunk. Whoaaaaa nelly braky braky whoa white stripy stinky whoa braky nelly!! Bike tires are screeching as I lock the brakes. The truck has a kid in the passenger seat that sees the skunk and thinks it's a decorative cat, sticks her head out the window and starts to scream like she's being kidnapped by a bucket of clowns. Skunk panics and darts out farther into the road, then reverses and heads back towards the bike path. I've finally come to a stop with a good 25feet to spare. The truck of screamables has zoomed on by as the skunk dives into the underbrush and runs for its life. I survey the scene. I get back on my bike, and I ride. I've got cruising speed to reach again.

Side note: 28.73km in 1h15min! Wooot!
Tags: biking, bear, contest, studio