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Jun 20, 2005
   There was many ways that the world can be split up into two groups; so many ways, in fact, that the splitting up of said world is largely redundant. Rich/poor, religious/atheist, but with my ascension into the world of photography, I've come to notice another way to categorize. Wierdos and normals.

   By its simplest definition, a normal is someone you don't notice when you're walking down the street. A wierdo is someone that you do. There was a time when I considered myself normal. Not normal in most usual sense because I don't think I was ever that, but in the 'getting noticed as I walk down the street' sense, I was definitely normal. Lately, I have discovered that I can no longer call myself that. I have ascended into weirdo!

   I've had far and many hobbies in my life, but I think photography is one of the few where you walk up to completely strangers and say 'Hi there, you don't know me but I think you're doing something cool and I want to record it for eternity. Do you mind if I do so?'. One doesn't need to ask really, but I think it's polite to do so, because you're treating the weirdo like a human being, instead of like a freak show in a zoo. It makes for good karma.

   When you're circling on a subject like a vulture for the photonic kill, people notice. It's that extra line that is crossed in order to get the perfect shot, the line that most people in the world won't cross, precisely because they would get noticed, this is what makes us different. Really getting into photography takes a certain self acceptance... the ability to say 'Yeah, I'm a weirdo.. But I'm Me.'

   In celebration of all weirdos, I present one to you now.

Chalk artist working on the corner of Bank and Gloucester in Ottawa

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