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Jun 14, 2005
      So, I need to make a power robot army, and thus need to create a computer brain powered by an AI unknownst in power as ever yet before! Welll, no. Actually, I just finished a board game written in flash which is basically a cheap cover of ConnectFour... or should I say Onnectcay ourfay to protect myself from lawsuits. CONNECT FOUR! Hah.

      Actually, I'm really liking how the game turned out, as it's my first flash game that I've actually written and finished, front to back. Most of my other flash work has been in the way of admin panels or animation, and making a game has a different feel to it. If you so choose to desire to view it, I have it online at Unfortunately, it's at the point in stage where I have finished all the UI and gameplay mechanics, but there's no computer AI, hence all that roboramblings at the start up there. That is my quest! To find the holy gr... err.. computer AI.

      This is actually my first time writing an AI of any kind, so I find it somewhat daunting. I'm sitting back for a moment, letting the thoughts peruse my head and the coffee peruse my blood, thinking what may be the best way to go about this. I've not taken the computer AI course in university, so that's one point against me. On the other hand, I did take this cool philosophy course on the makeup of our brains and how it can be compared to computer AI; point for me. On the other hand, designing a neural network, populating the rulesets and then writing it in Actionscript may be a little overkill; point against. On the other hand, it's 21C today and I'm having coffee for the first time in WEEKS!; megapoint for me.

     Ok, you computer AI, you're going down.