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Jun 5, 2005
      Myself and Tyberius (as he shall be called until he picks up a username) went on a bit of a jaunt after soccer last night. We headed down to Parliament Hill and wandered around with a pair of cameras and tripods, taking pictures of that which amuse us. At one point we're setting up for a shot down by the river and these two 20ish year old guys wander up the path towards us carrying a couple beers and chatting. They stop near us, 'What are you taking a picture of?'. I kinda look around the area and respond with pretty much everything. It's the joy of digital cameras, the film is free. He takes a pull from his beer and looks around, comes back with 'Yeah.. there's really a good view from this area, pretty much any direction you stand.' I really can't say if he was being sarcastic or not, as not lot of people know you can take pictures in the dark and have them actually turn out, but I prefer to think he was being sincere. It stokes my idea that there's Canadian spirit in everyone and it just takes a bit of a nudge for it to get out. The world needs all the good will it can get.

  • Pic #1: Mothership is landing
  • Pic #2: Or Perhaps River of Gold?
  • Pic #3: Peace Tower sans Funky Colours
  • Pic #4: Cross the River Towards the Hull Bridge
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