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Jun 3, 2005
      It was staggeringly hot this evening, so I decided to head off for a bit of a bike ride. Hopped onto Bronson and shot down the side lane, discovering that Bronson is a nice street for going fast. I zoom with glee. Though I do need to get my one gear shifter working, as it rather sucks not having half my zoom gears. But I digress. I made it down to Wellington in no time, popped onto the bike path and just started riding along the canal until I hit the Bank Street bridge, stopping at numerous points for photos. I share these with you now.

  • Pic #1: South of Lees Bridge
  • Pic #2: From the riverside behind parliament
  • Pic #3: At the Bank Street bridge (preferred angle)
  • Pic #4: At the Bank Street bridge (not so preferred angle)
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