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Jun 3, 2005
Went out last night and ended up staying later than I expected. The expectation was a coffee or two, a bit of chat and then likely heading back home, but luckily we picked up a couple stray card players and we got a game going. Ended up staying up for quite a bit, came home a little late and checka-checka-checked the email. Found a crypto challenge that got forwarded to me from this certain unnamed person, regarding an internal contest being held at someone's workplace. I can't win, but atleast I can pretend to be a WWII cryptodude for a bit. Ended up staying up for another hour working on that. I think I got the H, T, E and A nailed down, but the rest isn't falling into place. I'm trying to figure out some good cribs to test again, but so far things like ATTACK, JAPAN, GERMANY have all failed. Will continue efforts to crack the code. The Allies are depending on me. Eventually decided it was time I should sleep and somehow ended up on the balcony taking long exposure shots with my camera. heheh Here is one said shot. More info to come on cryptography trails.

  • Pic #1: PetroCan, in the dark.

  • (subnote: The spellchecker found cryptodude as a spelling mistakes. I have serious doubts of the quality of its spelling dictionary.)
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