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Jun 1, 2005
     I just discovered that my camera has a manual mode that lets you set the exposure time and white balance. This is extremely awesome, as previously, I thought the M stood for movie mode. And here I was thinking 'Great! another useless feature that I don't need. I don't need movies! Why don't you strip that out and add in a manual mode or something useful?'

     On the bright side, I showed the camera to atleast four other people, and they all thought the same thing too. If I'm a dumbass, atleast I'm a dumbass among other dumbasses. This is like a late surprise as I was considering the idea of picking up another newer camera with more of the functionality I wanted. I bought this one in somewhat of a rush as I really wanted a camera to go camping with, and unfortunately I got outbid on the one I had my eye on. Ahhh well. All will end well in the end, but for now, I must call my other camera friends and schedule night shots.
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