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May 30, 2005
      The weekend has come and gone, and over all it was quite busy. My legs are still feeling a little sore from the first game of soccer I've played in about 2 years, but it seems I won't have to amputate. All is well.

      I managed to get out of the house for a bit and did some photo taking. Went quite well, though I still gotta work on my macroshots a bit. One that almost turned out awesome, is a bit blurry, resulting in not-so-awesome-but-still-pretty-cool. View for yourself. Comments are welcome!

  • Pic #1: Nuts!
  • Pic #2: Blurry Nuts!
  • Pic #3: Family of geese
  • Pic #4: Bridge over River Ottawa
  • Pic #5: Down the barrel of the train gun
  • Pic #6: Cool Bridge Graffiti
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