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May 25, 2005
It was a very watery weekend, what with being beside a lake, and a river, and a pond, and getting a little rained on too. On the upside, it gave me the chance to take some pictures of water stuff. I had a really hard time choosing the ones I liked the most, but I'm going to put these four up and see what people think of them. As much as I love the water, it's really hard to capture what makes it so enchanting. The soothing, rocking motion of waves hitting a shoreline just isn't the same when it's captured in a single still frame. Still though, I do try, and perhaps with practice, I'll capture that essence yet.

  • Pic #1: On the shoreline
  • Pic #2: Reflection off pond
  • Pic #3: Raindrops
  • Pic #4: Rippled blanket
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