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May 23, 2005
      I've been sorting through the pictures I took while I was away camping, and I'm quite happy with alot of the pictures. There are a few that are blurry and would have benefited from a tripod, but alas, sometimes the means to the method is not always there. Or is that the method to the means? The median of two methods? The mean of the meridian?

      In any case, I have pictures to share. I think I'm going to have a couple billion to share, as so far as I seem to be maintaining a 90% awesome rate. At 331 pictures, that'll only be about 297 pictures to post. After the first dozen or so, I suspect I shall be dumping them into my photo gallery on but that is neither then or now. Let the pictures commence!

  • Pic #1: Lens flare!
  • Pic #2: Ripply coolness
  • Pic #3: peaceful view
  • Pic #4: We climbed down that? In the dark? Are we nuts??
  • Tags: , bridge, nighttime